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2001- The Northern Pikes – Truest Inspiration
December 20, 2009, 4:13 pm
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Truest Inspiration is the sixth studio album by The Northern Pikes released in 2001. This was their first album of new music since they reformed in 1999 after a 6 year break.

Following the release of Neptune in 1992 and the subsequent live album called Gig in 1993, the band decided to disband. During their time apart, Jay Semko and Bryan Potvin each released a solo album. However, in 1999 Virgin Records asked the band members for their input on a “greatest hits” package. The band decided to do a short promotional tour following the release of Hits and Assorted Secrets 1984-1993, but found themselves enjoying the more relaxed independence of making their own schedule that they continued touring.

After a live album called Live released in 2000, the band decided to record a new album in the latter half of 2000. No longer signed to Virgin Records, the album was released independently by the band’s Square Dog management group.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Download (Size:103884 KB)


2005-Calexico & Iron & Wine – In the Reins
December 12, 2009, 7:12 pm
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Calexico and Iron & Wine – In the Reins [EP] (2005)
Indie Rock | M4A 256 Kbps | 54,1 Mb

“Musical collaborations can be a dicey proposition. The blending of two styles and sounds can lead to the cancellation of the aspects of each that make them interesting and unique in the first place, which in turn leads to an inferior record. Iron & Wine and Calexico decided to tempt fate and hook up in 2004 and In the Reins is the result. The record manages to blend the best aspects of the two groups and comes off a winner in all respects. You get Iron & Wine’s melodicism, emotional depth, and literary grace backed by Calexico‘s desert-bleached C&W orchestral splendor.” (Source:

1 He Lays in the Reins 3:43
2 Prison on Route 41 4:11
3 A History of Lovers 3:09
4 Red Dust 3:31
5 Sixteen, Maybe Less 4:49
6 Burn That Broken Bed 5:06
7 Dead Man’s Will 3:13


1963-Nat “King” Cole – The Christmas Song
December 12, 2009, 4:33 pm
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Nat “King” Cole – The Christmas Song (1963 -2005-)
Holiday | M4A 256 Kbps | 95,9 Mb


1 Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) (1961 Version) 3:12
2 Deck the Hall 1:10
3 Adeste Fideles 2:29
4 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 1:28
5 O Tannenbaum 3:03
6 O Little Town of Bethlehem 2:21
7 I Saw Three Ships 1:28
8 O Holy Night 2:59
9 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 1:51
10 Cradle in Bethlehem 3:27
11 Away in a Manger 2:01
12 Joy to the World 1:26
13 First Noel 1:58
14 Caroling, Caroling 2:10
15 O Come All Ye Faithful 2:20
16 Silent Night 2:09
17 Nat’s Introduction 0:22
18 Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) (Duet with Natalie Cole) 3:44
19 Nat’s Christmas Wishes 0:18
20 Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) (1946 Version with Strings) 3:13
Bonus Tracks
21 Toys for Tots 1:24
22 Happy New Year 3:11


2003-The Thrills – So Much for the City
November 9, 2009, 1:16 am
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The Thrills – So Much for the City (2003)
Indie Rock | MP3 320 Kbps | 81,4 Mb

Five friends who grew up together in Dublin, called the Thrills, have produced a remarkably neat debut album. At the heart of their sound is a professed love for the tunes of the American West Coast of the ’60s and ’70s.  (Source: All Music Guide)


1- Santa Cruz (4:13)
2- Big Sur (3:07)
3- Don’t Steal Our Sun (2:50)
4- Deckchairs and Cigarettes (4:58)
5- One Horse Town (3:15)
6- Old Friends, New Lovers (4:01)
7- Say It Ain’t So (2:44)
8- Hollywood kids (5:33)
9- Just Travelling Through (3:21)
10- Your Love Is like Las Vegas (2:23)
11- ‘Til the Tide Creeps in (10:06)


2004-Jeff Beal – Carnivàle
November 9, 2009, 12:52 am
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Jeff Beal – Carnivàle (2004)
Soundtrack | MP3 256 Kbps | 119,9 Mb

A superior trumpeter, Jeff Beal is most notable for his advanced writing abilities. While studying at the Eastman School of Music, Beal won 11 Downbeat student awards. He also received three Exxon/Meet the Composer Grants during 1986-1987. Beal moved to New York after graduating, recorded his debut Liberation for Antilles, and then moved to the West Coast to work on film scores. He went on to record a second date for Antilles (Perpetual Motion) and three sets for Triloka. Beal’s writing has been featured on albums by Spyro Gyra, Dave Samuels, and John Patitucci, but he has not neglected his unpredictable trumpet playing, gigging often in the Los Angeles area where he also continues to write film scores.(Source: All Music Guide)


2001-Chris Vrenna – American McGee’s Alice
November 9, 2009, 12:22 am
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Chris Vrenna – American McGee’s Alice (2001)
Original Score| M4A 256 Kbps | 136,8 Mb

“The melodies that he wrote for this soundtrack are quite dark and eerie — in fact, they are downright creepy. No one will accuse Vrenna‘s Alice score of being bright and cheerful. They will, however, acknowledge that the CD is extremely memorable and well-executed; Vrenna obviously put a lot of thought into these melodies. One need not be a fan of video games to be impressed by this soundtrack and feel that it is among Vrenna‘s finest accomplishments.” (Source: All Music Guide)



1965-Gilbert Bécaud – T’es venu de loin
September 16, 2009, 1:17 am
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Gilbert Bécaud – T’es venu de loin (1965)
French pop | Vinyl Rip | MP3 320 Kbps | 81,4 Mb
PAM 67.155 Capitol Records of Canada
Known as “Monsieur 100,000 Volts” for his dynamic stage presence, Gilbert Bécaud was one of France’s most popular singers during the 1950s and ’60s, and enjoyed a career of more than four decades in show business. (Source: All Music Guide)


1- T’es venu de loin (3:12)
2- Plein soleil (3:01)
3- Nathalie (4:06)
4- Ma souris danse (1:54)
5- Mon arbre (2:34)
6- Mon père à moi (2:36)
7- L’orange (2:50)
8- L’aventure (3:05)
9- Don Juan (3:05)
10- Mourir à Capri (3:22)
11- Rosie and John (3:13)
12- C’était mon copain (3:05)